In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The Nike Air Force 1 Low "Maro"

Mariam “Maro” Misirian is a true Woman warrior. A single mother of two with enough love left over to raise a village. A person of unimaginable strength and grace. In November 2009, Mariam was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although a turbulent path laid before her, she did not live in fear.

In her mind, she had already won long before her battle was over. She lived her life as if she was cancer free, she ate healthier and thought of happier things. She spoke positively about herself and those around her. Her faith grew and her prayers became strong. With an unwavering mentality and an amazing staff of doctors and surgeons she went to war with cancer.

Mariam underwent a double mastectomy to remove the masses in both her breasts. With a successful surgery and plenty of follow up appointments to come, she was on the road to recovery. As the dust settled and the fight was through, cancer laid defeated.

It’s now been exactly 12 years to the date that Mariam’s been cancer free. She believes that her mindset was her most powerful weapon, and with it- anyone has a fighting chance to "KICK CANCERS  ASS!" Maro would like to thank her amazing Doctors, Surgeons and Nurses at Summerlin hospital and UMC for their life saving work during her fight, and to all of her family and friends that helped with a hug or provided positive words during those trying times.

We dedicate this project to you Maro, and to all that have been affected by this devastating disease.